Cerno's Bar & Grill

To Our Valued Cerno’s Customers,

First, THANK YOU to all of our customers in Kewanee and the surrounding communities who have continued to support our restaurant during the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s truly because of you that we are able to continue serving you and keep the majority of our employees in the workforce. The overwhelming response to our carry-out service has been exceptional and we at Cerno’s are and will continue to do our best to provide our customers with the promptness and quality to which they are accustomed. It is with this mantra in mind that we are informing the public of a few concerns.

As most people are aware, supply and demand is what drives the economy. Since mid-March, the supply of our products has dwindled to the point where we sometimes are unable to procure everything we need. As such, Cerno’s will continue to serve our menu items in the same manner and quality as we always have. However, from time to time, our usual products become unavailable and we are forced to use a “substitute” product. In some cases, the change is minor. In other cases, the change is too drastic for our liking, causing us to temporarily remove items from the menu. We ask our customers to be understanding in the latter situation, as we are unwilling to compromise the quality of our product. There may be times when your favorite Cerno’s food item will be unavailable, possibly without notification. We understand that this is extremely frustrating when trying to plan meals for you and your family. Please know that we are doing everything possible to avoid these situations and to keep you informed should they occur. Moving forward, we will be posting any unavailable menu items on our Facebook page. In addition, our Facebook page also has our daily lunch specials posted, along with any specials concerning our draft beer growlers and Cerno’s merchandise.

Pricing is starting to become an issue as well, specifically with pork and beef products. Beginning Saturday, May 16th, our Saturday cheeseburger special will be reverting to the regular menu price. As this special is one of our best sellers, we regret having to discontinue the special pricing. Please understand, you can still purchase “Illinois’ Best Cheeseburger” on Saturdays, it will just be at the same cost as every other day of the week. Cerno’s will not be changing the price on any other products at this time and do not envision doing so as long as our supply prices continue to plateau.

Lastly, wait times for orders has been increasing. Unfortunately, there is no “easy fix” for this problem. Our kitchen is the same size as always, with the same amount of people working on the cook line. The problem arises when orders are placed in abundance at the same time. This is occurring with call-in orders and with our “Chow-Now” phone app. When we receive too many tickets in too short of time, it creates a slow-down in productivity. We do our best to get orders out as fast as possible without sacrificing quality. We do, and will, make mistakes here and there. If you’ve been on the receiving end of one of our mistakes, please accept our sincerest apologies. The mistakes are never intentional and the wait times are just as frustrating to us as they are to you. We ask that you allow plenty of time when ordering, especially on busier nights like Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Please understand, when you’re told your order will be ready “in about 30 minutes”, that’s only an estimate. We take pride in meeting these goals, but sometimes it’s out of our control. In extreme cases, one of our management staff will personally contact you to try and help resolve the situation. We want to make things right with our customers.

Again, thank you for your continued support. We look forward to re-opening our dining rooms when the time is right and seeing all the friendly faces we sincerely miss. Stay safe!